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Vaivahik Sukh: Jyotishiya Sandarbh

Vaivahik Sukh: Jyotishiya Sandarbh

Mridula Trivedi

  • ISBN: 9788120827547, 8120827546
  • Year of Publication: 2013
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition: 5th reprint
  • No. of Pages: 558
  • Language: Sanskrit & Hindi
Rs. 325.00

Vaivahik Sukh: Jyotishiya Sandarbh.


" authentic one since it covers a lot of textual opinions * findings of Rishis especially the rich experience of renowned research scholar who has almost sacrificed her long years to ponder over the matter..... an unique attempt, full of descri

About the Author(s)

Profusely awarded with Jyotisa Martanda, Bhagyavidyamani, Jyotirvidyavaridhi, Jyotisa Vachaspati and Brahmarsi, Mridula Trivedi has been engaged in astrological studies for over three decades.  She has published more than three hundred articles and many thought - provoking books on various aspects of astrology.  She was honoured with 'Doctor of Astrology' by the World Development Council in 1987 and Varahmihira by Spiritual and Astrological Research Institute, Lucknow in 2001.  She was recently declared as the best in her field by Planets and Forecast.  She is associated with a number of journals and magazines as a consultant.         

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