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The Playworld of Sanskrit Drama

The Playworld of Sanskrit Drama

Robert E. Goodwin

  • ISBN: 9788120815896, 8120815890
  • Year of Publication: 1998
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Edition: 1st
  • No. of Pages: 100
  • Language: English
Rs. 350.00

The 'Playworld of Sanskrit Drama' is the 'poetic universe' (kavyasam) posited by Anandavardhana and other poeticians. Each of the seven plays studied here - works of Bhasa, Kalidasa, Sudraka, and Visakhadatta- provides us with a different angle of approach to the crucial issues of kavya, and their fundamental ambivalence, which cannot be understood or even delineated by the conventional approach to Indian aesthetics.


"Goodwin's long experience as a teacher of Sanskrit literature and his deep understanding of the Indian culture complex is evident througout the book. It will no doubt form an importnat contribution to this field of study... a fascinating and different ap

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