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The Advaita of Art

The Advaita of Art

Harsha V. Dehejia, Kapila Vatsyayan

  • ISBN: 9788120813892, 8120813898
  • Year of Publication: 1996
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition: 2
  • No. of Pages: 194
  • Language: English
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This inquiry is an undertaking to demonstrate that aesthetic experience in the classical Indian tradition, on its own merit, without being subordinated to rituals and practices commonly held under the rubric of religion, is capable of providing a transcendent experience to a prepared aesthete. Dr. Dehejia examines the dynamics of two aesthetics processes, that stemming from aesthetic emotion or rasa and from aesthetic form or rupa, and cogently underpins them within the advaitic epistemology of Kasmir Saivism. The Advaita of Art, Dr. Dehejia argues, is a joyous celebration of affirmation and assertion and not negation.


The work is outstanding and an admirable contribution to the philosophy of art. - S.P. DUBEY

In this brilliantly constructed investigation, Dr. Dehejia has expounded perception of the dynamics of the artistic process. - S.V. SOHONI

There is no doubt

About the Author(s)

HARSHA V. DEHEJIA has a double doctorate, one in Medicine and the other in Ancient Indian Culture both from Bombay University, in India. His first two books, The Advaita of Art and Parvatidarpana have been acclaimed.

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