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Pathways to Higher Consciousness: The Master Game

Pathways to Higher Consciousness: The Master Game

Robert S. de Ropp

  • ISBN: 9788178223698, 8178223694
  • Year of Publication: 2011
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition: first
  • No. of Pages: 250
  • Language: English
Rs. 295.00

The book is a clear and concise set of formulae for achieving a higher state of consciousness and gradation of reason. De Ropp outlines the field of battle, and shows how an individual, armed with deep understanding, discipline and real necessity, can wage his or her own personal war against sleep. There has never been a better book written on this subject, and it deserves a permanent place in your personal library. It is a book that, once read, will never be forgotten.


"Inspired an entire generation to seek a synthesis of science and mysticism." - kenneth R. Pelletier, Author of Mind As Healer, Mind as Slayer

"The most sought-after conciousness classic of the 20th century." - E.J. Gold, Author of the Human Biological

About the Author(s)

Dr. Robert S. de Ropp, scientist, author, teacher, was a biochemist who carried out research in the fields of cancer and the biochemistry of the brain in England, and in the U.S. at the Rockefeller Institute. He was the author of many influential books including Drugs and' the Mind, the New prometheans, Warrior's Way, Church of the Earth, and Self-Completion.

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