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Nirvana: The Highest Happiness: Meditations on Buddhist Issues

Nirvana: The Highest Happiness: Meditations on Buddhist Issues

Susunaga Weeraperuma

  • ISBN: 9788178222660, 8178222663
  • Year of Publication: 2006
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition: 1st
  • No. of Pages: 182
  • Language: English
Rs. 195.00

Nirvana is the extinction of all illusion from consciousness especially the deep-rooted delusion of 'I'. It has been described as that which is Unborn, Unoriginated and Unformed. This well researched and clear-sighted collection of essays is the work of an eminent writer in the field of Indology. Though written from the standpoint of Theravada, the author occasionally expresses views that life outside the mainstream of current Theravada.

A collection of refreshingly original essays offer enquiry into the self from the Buddhist Perspective.


About the Author(s)

SUSUNAGA WEERAPERUMA is internationally known for his extremely well acquainted with all the writings of J. Krishnamurti as well as the corpus of literature, in different languages, on Krishnamurti. He worked at the British National Bibliography (British Library) as well as other london libraries and has poublished several books on Library Science.

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