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Jaina Philosophy of Non-Absolution: Critical Study of Anekantavada

Jaina Philosophy of Non-Absolution: Critical Study of Anekantavada

Satkari Mookerjee

  • ISBN: 9788120812925, 8120812921
  • Year of Publication: 1995
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Edition: 1st
  • No. of Pages: 289
  • Language: English
Rs. 350.00

These are the Mahavira Extension Lectures 12 (2nd Series), delivered by Dr. Mookerjee, under the patronage of Sri Santi Prasad Jain, Jainism reveals an ideology entirely different from the Vedic. The study of Jainism in its earlier aspects suggests some kind of animistic philosophy of the people,and especially its literature, having been written in Prakrit, shows a definitive trend towards a sort of folk-philosophy interested in overstraining the moral aspects without any theistic bias. This folk-philosophy reveals elements developed into logical doctrines

remarkable for their originality, acuteness and subtlety. Dr. Mookerjee lays bare the fundamentals of the Jaina doctrine, Syadvada of Anekantavada, with all the relevant problems to the benefit of the reader. With a rich

background in other darsanas both East and West the author has endeavoured to give a thorough and powerful exposition of Jaina Thought, which could be done only by an adherent of Jaina faith.


About the Author(s)

DR. SATKARI MOOKERJEE was one of the renowned contemporary scholars of the country. Some of his papers are collectively published in the Nava Nalanda Maha Vihara Research Publications Vol. I & Vol. II. His other important works are Non-absolutism, and Exposition of Pramanavarttika.

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