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Homeopathy for Common Ailments

Homeopathy for Common Ailments

Robin Hayfield

  • ISBN: 9788178220444, 817822044X
  • Year of Publication: 2001
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition: 1st
  • No. of Pages: 96
  • Language: English
Rs. 395.00

Homeopathy for Common Ailments is a practical, beautifully illustrated

guide that explain and demystifies this safe and simple form of

treatment. As well as offering guidance for treating children and using

homeopathy for first aid, the book will help you to select and use widely

available homeopathic remedies to treat frequently encountered physical and

mental health problems such as: anxiety; indigestion, chickenpox, coughs

and croups, shock, travel sickness, hayfever, bites and stings.

Part one of the book lists thirty-seven common ailments. Under each

ailment there is a description of several types of symptoms, both

physical and mental. Prescribing for Children follows the Common

Ailments section. It describes the use of homeopathic remedies that are

matched to personality types. As well as treating ailments, these

remedies are useful as general tonics for children. In part two there is a

description of each remedy, giving its origin and uses. The Homeopathic

Remedy Kit gives the twenty remedies and five creams that are most commonly



"...well written and clear." - JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF HOMEOPATHY

"...simply explained without being simplistic." - COLLEGE OF HOMEOPATHY MAGAZINE

"...a good workmanlike introduction to homeopathy and its domestic use." - DR. BRIAN KAPLAN

About the Author(s)

ROBIN HAYFIELD is a practising homeopath, co-principal of the South Downs

School of Homeopathy based in Chichester, Sussex.

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