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History of Kanauj to the Moslem Conquest

History of Kanauj to the Moslem Conquest

R.S. Tripathi

  • ISBN: 9788120804784, 8120804783
  • Year of Publication: 1989
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition: 4th
  • No. of Pages: 444
  • Language: English
Rs. 395.00

Kanauj is of high antiquity and renown. Founded long before the dawn of the

Christian era, it first rose to importance in the sixth century a.d. when

it became the capital of the Maukharis and when it grew rapidly in

authority and influence till its conflict with later Guptas. This followed

Harsa of Thaneswar assuming control of affairs in Kanauj. Harsa's death

plunged Kanauj into anarchy and darkness that lasted for about half a

century. However, as a result of the protracted campaigns of the next

rulers, Pratiharas, Kanauj grew to enormous dimensions camprising

territories as widely apart as Saurastra and North Bengal, Magadha and

Rajputana till it fell from its high position because of armed adventures

of Mahmud and then Sihabuddin Ghori. History of Kanauj presents, in short

the story of this ancient realm which is full of political vicissitudes and

ephemeral grandeur.


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